ks_updates - Determine packages that need to be updated in a custom
    Linux distribution from a list of updated packages.

     ks_updates [-d] [-o outpath] [-dir path] [-e pattern] \
                [-i image] [-ven vendor] [-arch arch] \
                [-a annexfile [-a ...]] [--allfiles] configfile

     ks_updates { --help | --man }

    Reads in a build_ks configuration file and compares the packages in the
    custom Linux distribution to the packages contained in a file listing
    from a RedHat distribution mirror. Determines what packages in the
    custom Linux Distribution are out-of-date and need to be replaced by
    packages in the file listing.

        Process updates and create new files for the master config file as
        well as any specified annex files and any files that are included
        with the incfile directive.

    -a annexfile | --annex annexfile
        Specify a configuration annex file to be processed after the main
        build configuration file. Multiple annex files may be specified with
        repeated --annex options. Annex files are processed in the order
        specified on the command line.

    --arch arch
        Override any settings for architecture in the given files with the
        specified arch. The arch operand can be things like i386, amd64,

    -d | --debug
        Turn on debugging messages.

    -dir path | --directory path
        Specify the directory path(s) to look in for updates. This option
        overrides the default RedHat updates portion of a distribution
        mirror. This option may be specified more than once to build a list
        of paths. This is different from the 'directory' directive inside
        the build_ks config file. When 'directory' is specified, it is ALSO
        searched for updates. When --directory is specified as a
        command-line option, the default updates directory is NOT searched.

    -e pattern | --exclude pattern
        Specify a Perl style regular expression representing RPM's to be
        excluded from updates. This option may be specified multiple times
        to build a list of exclusions. See EXAMPLES section below.
        Additionally, exclusions may be specified within the configfile
        itself in the form of a comment as follows:

            The 'comment' specifies package patterns to be excluded from
            ks_updates. If present, it should all be on ONE line and must
            have a space between patterns. Since whitespace, commas and
            other troublesome characters would not be allowed in an rpm
            package name, they're not allowed here either.

                # ks_updates_exclusions: pattern1 pattern2 ...

        Any patterns specified in the configfile will be used in addition to
        patterns specified with the -e option.

    -h | --help
        Display SYNOPSIS and OPTIONS.

    -i image | --image image
        Override any settings for base image in the given files with the
        specified image. The image operand can be things like 7.3, 8.0, 9,

    -m | --man
        Display this documentation.

    -o directory | --outpath directory
        Specify the name of a directory to write the suggested new build_ks
        configuration file(s) to. Defaults to /tmp.

    -ven vendorname | --vendor vendorname
        Override any settings for vendor in the given files with the
        specified vendorname.

        The file containing the configuration information for the existing
        KickStart environment to use for comparison.

    Update a custom release except for updates to the kernel or devfsd:

        ks_updates -e '^kernel' -e '^devfsd' my-linux-2.1-7.1

    Using this program requires a copy of the RedHat distribution mirror for
    the base release you are attempting to update.

    Josh Goldenhar (15 January 2004)
 Brian Long (4 December 2003)